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19 Fun Backyard Games

Summertime is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying some fun backyard games with family and friends. Kids in the summer love backyard games. There are tons of fun games that can be played in a large open space! Check out our ultimate guide on DIY backyard games for everyone, including kids, toddlers, teens, and adults to have fun and enjoy the fresh air in the backyard.

Fun Backyard Games For Kids And Adults

19. Tin can bowling

18. Football Toss Outdoor Game

17. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

16. Pool Noodle DIY Toss Game

15. Marble Toss

14. Recycled Bottle Ring Toss Backyard Game

Backyard Games
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13. Checkerboard Game

12. DIY Ring Toss Game

11. Bean Bag Toss Game

10. Lawn Dice

09. Lawn Twister

08. DIY Lawn Dominoes

07. Horseshoe Pit

06. DIY Kerplunk Game

05. KOOB

04. Tetherball Set


03. Bucket Ball DIY

02.  DIY Giant Jenga Yard Game 

01. DIY Bocce Ball Court

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