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51 Best Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plates are the perfect crafting material for kids. They’re cheap, easy to make, and usually made of recyclable paper. I’m sharing some of the best paper plate crafts for kids. From painting plates to making a suncatcher, these paper plate crafts for toddlers and preschoolers are sure to keep them entertained.

Paper plate crafts for kids are a great way to get your children interested in art. Kids can make all sorts of things using this simple craft material.

Paper plates come in a wide range of colors and designs and they’re cheap, so they’re a great choice for school projects or home decorating.

These simple paper plate crafts can be made by children as young as two years old, but it is recommended that your child be old enough to understand instructions in order for them to participate in this activity on their own.

If your child is younger than two years old, there are many other paper plate crafts you can make together.

Crafts For Kids
Dollar Store Crafts
Easy Crafts For Adults

51. Camping Craft

50. Owl Craft

49. Cute Bunny

48. Moving Eyes Cat Craft

47. Rainbow Craft

46. Growing Flower Craft

45. Flying Owl Craft

44. Lion Craft

43. Shark Craft

42. Farm Animals

41. Pufferfish Craft

40. Bee Craft

39. Baby Yoda Craft

38. Sunflower Craft

37. Parrot Craft

36. Panda Craft

35. Jungle Animals

34. Polar Bear Craft

33. Bubble Gum Machine Craft

32. Frankenstein

31. UFO Craft

30. Sloth Craft

29. Robin Craft

28. Rocking Pumpkin Craft

27. Unicorn Craft

26. Rainbow Fish

25. Ice Cream Craft

24. Seahorse

23. Calla Lily Flower Craft

22. Suncatcher Craft

21. Snail Craft

20. Rainbow Fish Craft

19. Woven Bowls

18. Colorful Rainbow

17. Jellyfish Craft

16. Flower Fine Motor Craft

15. Elephant Craft

14. Flower Themed Paper Plate Wreath

13. Snail Craft

12. Colorful Flowers

11. Aquarium Craft

10. Tropical Fish

09. Frisbees

08. Dinosaur Craft

07. Tree Of Life Craft

06. Hot Air Balloon Craft

05. Butterflies with Dot Markers

04. Pizza Craft

Paper Plate Crafts
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03. Ocean Animals

02. Paper Plate Dream Catcher

01. Flower Craft

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