21 Colorful Candy Nails

Candy nails are a sweet treat for your manicure. Try candy swirl nails, lollipop nail designs, and candy cane nails for a festive touch. Enjoy confectionery nail art with dessert-inspired nails and pastel nail art. Create sweet treat nails with jellybean nail designs, gummy bear nails, and candy crush nail art. Add a playful touch with marshmallow nails and candy stripes nails. Perfect for those who love sugary nail designs and candy-themed nail art. Must try these candy nail designs.

Stylish Candy Nails to Try

21. Chocolate Candy Acrylic Nails

Instagram: – @adoreaxo

20. Glittered Candy Stiletto Nails

Instagram: – @nail.brat

19. 3D Gummy Bears Nail Design

Instagram: – @madame.gels

18. Cotton Candy Swirl Short Nails

Instagram: – @nailsbyswayz

17. 3D Candy Nail Coffin Nail Art

Instagram: – @10piecenails

16. Sweet Candy Stiletto Nails

Instagram: – @kelaninails

15. Candy Floss Nail Art

Instagram: – @letsnailedit

14. Chrome Candy Tip 3D Nail Art

Instagram: – @gelx.bytonz

13. Cotton Candy Nails

Instagram: – @jcjs_nails

12. Lollipop Nails

Instagram: – @ccluxshop

11. Strawberry Fruit 3D Gel Candy Nails

Instagram: – @nailsbyminhanh

10. Glitter Candy Round Nails

Instagram: – @pizzaandnailpolish

09. Christmas Gingerbread House Candy Nails

Instagram: – @nailsby.kylierae

08. Pink Theme Candy Nail Art

Instagram: – @kaly_nail

07. Candy Long Nail Art Design

Instagram: – @gotchunailed

06. 3D Candy and M&Ms Nails

Instagram: – @my_nail_envy

05. Sweet Candy and Donut Nails

Instagram: – @andialcazar_nailstudio

04. Candy Nail Art Design

Instagram: – @nylove_nail

03. Cand and Lollipop Short Nails

Instagram: – @newwave.tips

02. Candy Almond Nails

Instagram: – @nailsbygiorgiaa

01. 3D Candy Nails

Instagram: – @ivannia_22_

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