21 Trendy Strawberry Nails


Strawberry nails are the perfect summer trend to add a fresh and cute vibe to your look. Dive into our easy strawberry nail designs and discover a variety of strawberry nail art ideas from glitter strawberry nail ideas to chic strawberry French manicures. Whether you prefer short or long nails, our DIY guide covers hand-painted strawberry seed designs and 3D strawberry nail art. Get inspired by our strawberry-themed nails and choose your favorite fresh strawberry nail polish colors.

Elegant Strawberry Nails Design to Try

21. Adorable Little Strawberry Short Nails

Instagram: – @clw_nailartist

20. Summer Matte Strawberry Short Nail Art

Instagram: – @nailsbybrooke___

19. Strawberry Milk Pink Tip Short Nails

Instagram: – @nailartistrybykylie

18. Strawberry Pink Tip Nails

Instagram: – @rmnailtech

17. Strawberry White French Tip Nails

Instagram: – @nailedbybb

16. Strawberry Long Nails

Instagram: – @cozyspookynails

15. Pastel Pink Polish Strawberry Nails

Instagram: – @kawaiiklaws

14. Strawberry Stiletto Nails

Instagram: – @meow__mama

13. Strawberry Almond Nails

Instagram: – @torimnails

12. Summer Strawberry Round Nails

Instagram: – @polished_yogi

11. Strawberry Natural Round Nails

Instagram: – @meraki_nails_cardiff

10. Spring Strawberry Nail Art

Instagram: – @oishii.berry

09. Strawberry French Nails

Instagram: – @harleybeautysalon

08. Cute Strawberry French Tip Short Nails

Instagram: – @nails_by_caylierose

07. Strawberry and Flowers Short Nails

Instagram: – @jenniferheal

06. Strawberry Milk Square Nail Art

Instagram: – @chaos.nails

05. Cute Strawberry Nail Art

Instagram: – @earthwindandfile

04. Strawberry and Pink Flame Square Nail Art

Instagram: – @kawaiiklaws

03. Strawberries Fruit Nail Art

Instagram: – @chelsxonails

02. Sweet Little Strawberry and Daisies Round Nails

Instagram: – @madelineelizabethx

01. Cutest Strawberry Almond Nails

Instagram: – @sammydoll


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