19 Easy Painted Rocks


Have you ever looked at a beautiful piece of art and thought, “Wow, I wish I could make something like that.” Well, now you can! These painted rocks are not only a fun and easy craft that you can do with the family, but they also look great. Not only will you be able to create your own amazing piece of art but you can also give it away as a gift to your friends and family.

However, the truth is that rocks can be incredibly beautiful when painted by a skilled hand. With the right color combinations and artistic techniques, anyone can make their own decorative rock. Even if you’re not an artist, there are methods you can use to make a rock look great!

DIY Painted Rocks are one of the easiest crafts to do with kids. Not only is it easy, but it’s also fun. While painting rocks with your kids is fun, it can be messy at times. That’s why I’ve shared some of my favorite rock painted ideas that will help to paint rocks without any mess!

19. How to Paint Rocks Beginner’s Guide

19 Easy Painted Rocks Ideas
FROM:- Rock painting guide

18. Painted Rock Chicks

FROM:- Crafts by amanda

17. Flower Painted Rocks

FROM:- Sustain my craft habit

16. Galaxy Painted Rocks

FROM:- Color made happy

15. Grape Hyacinths

FROM:- Sustain my craft habit

14. Penguin Painted Rocks

FROM:- The soccer mom blog

13. Seasonal Tree of Life Dot Painted Rocks

FROM:-I love painted rocks

12. Dotted spiral stone

FROM:- Rock painting 101

11. Dandlion Wish Rocks

FROM:- Paint happy rocks

10. Strawberry Painted Rocks

FROM:- Crafts by amanda

09. watermelon rocks

FROM:- In our spare time

08. cactus painted rocks

FROM;- Projects with kids

07. Sheep Painted Rocks

FROM:- Crafts by amanda

06. Bee Painted Rocks

FROM:- Easy peasy and fun

05. Owl Painted Rocks

FROM:- Frugal fun 4 boys

04. Rock Painting Designs Using Puffy Paint

FROM:- Color made happy

03. Easter bunny painted rocks

FROM:- Projects with kids

02. seal painted rocks

FROM:- Rock painting 101

01. Ladybug Mandala Rock Painting

FROM:- The things well make

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