17 Easy St Patricks Day Crafts For Kids


Check out this list of St Patricks Day crafts for kids that we have put together. Most of these crafts require little preparation and many can be made quickly so you don’t have to spend too much time cutting out paper and using glue. We’ve rounded up a list of great St Patrick’s Day craft ideas that your kids will absolutely love.

One of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids is Leprechaun Traps! This is one of the coolest crafts for kids because it helps them to learn about St. Patrick’s Day, and has them work together on a fun project that will delight their friends all year long.

St Patricks Day Wreath
DIY St Patricks Day Decor
St Patricks Day Decor Ideas

17. St. Patrick’s Day Card

16. St Patrick’s Day wreath craft

15. Shamrock Paper Chain

14. Under The Rainbow Leprechaun Trap

13. Shamrock Craft For Kids

12. Paper Plate Rainbow

11. Rainbow Chain

10. Paper Leprechaun Craft

09. Rainbow Shaker Wand

08. kid-made watercolor shamrock clover cards

07. Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft

06. Leprechaun Hat

05. St. Patrick’s Day Calming Bottle

04. Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft

03. The Blarney Stone

02. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

01. Dancing Leprechaun Puppets


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