17 Fun Memorial Day Crafts For Kids


Here is the best collection of Memorial Day crafts for kids of all ages. From simple projects for toddlers to more complex crafts for older children, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out these fun and patriotic projects to celebrate Memorial Day with your kids.

There are many ways to celebrate Memorial Day, and one of them is by making crafts with your kids. Here are some Memorial Day crafts for kids that you can make at home.

Fun Memorial Day Crafts For Kids To Make This Year

17. Memorial Day Craft Roll Rockets

16. Pom-Pom American Flag Painting Craft

15. Pinwheels

memorial day crafts for kids
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14. Paper Poppy Craft

13. Handprint Fireworks

12. Salt Fireworks Craft

11. Egg Carton American Flag Craft

10. Stick Flag Craft

09. Paper Plate American Flag Craft

08. American Flag Craft

07. Handprint Flag Craft

06. Patriotic DIY Bubble Wands

05. DIY Paper Fans Template

04. Patriotic Star Painting

03. Patriotic Paper Plate Wind Catcher

02. American Flag Coloring Page

01. DIY Confetti popper


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