19 Best Dollar Store Home Decor


Dollar stores are a good place to get cheap home decor for any room in your house. The items can be colorful and fun, and you can often find things that will add character to your space, without breaking the budget. Here are some Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas that you can use to add some color and personality to your room.

Decorating on a budget is easier than you might think, and it can be a great way to add personality to a home. If you are on a tight budget and looking for ways to decorate your home affordably, look no further! This article will show you some great ideas on how to create a variety of different looks for your home

DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

19. Hanging Shelf Out Of Embroidery Hoops

DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas
FROM:- Stitched modern

18. Decorative Wall Organizer using Dollar Tree Items

FROM:- The maker’s map

17. Hula Hoop Farmhouse Shelf

FROM:- The happy farm house

16. Candle Lampshade Craft

FROM:- Good housekeeping

15. Dollar Store Elegance

FROM:- Salvage dior

14. Wood Block Lanterns

FROM:- Home talk

13. Galvanized Planters

FROM:- Littlehouse off our

12. Dollar Store Antiqued Plaque

FROM:- Creations by kara

11. Boho Chic jewelry Trays

FROM:- Alice wingerden

10. Prism Candle Light

FROM:- DIY projects

09. DIY These Charming Cookie-Cutter Candles

FROM;- Pop sugar

08. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

FROM:- Salvage dior

07. Desk Wall Redecorated

FROM:- Creations by kara

06. Rope Wrapped Christmas Tree Basket

FROM:- Fall for diy

05. Dresser Mirror

FROM:- Create and babble

04. Stone and Succulent Fairy Gardens

FROM:- Craft berry bush

03. Trendy Decorative Lantern

FROM:- Hip 2 save

02. Farmhouse Basket From The Dollar Store

FROM:- Our crafty mom

01. DIY Bottle Garland

FROM:- Hearth and vine

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